Fixing bad posture and alignment issues on a bicycle will not heal injuries that a rider may have developed while riding.  Whether the cyclist is dealing with an injured knee, neck or back pain, or a tender foot, a bike fitting may stop the problem from getting worse.  Often, physical therapy will be needed to heal the injury.

Pain vs. Injury – For me, I teach an important distinction between pain and injury.  Pain is a temporary state.  It can result from muscle fatigue or an early indicator of bad bio-mechanics on a bike.  Injury means that you were in pain at some point, kept riding, or you crashed.  Now you have created a longer lasting problem in your joints or muscles.

Bike fittings should be viewed as a starting point.  You can find improved comfort on a bike or position yourself for greater power and aerodynamics.  Often, joint pain associated with riding can be corrected with a good bike fitting, but if you are injured, the fitting is not enough.  Some level of professional physical therapy will be needed to recover.

Bike Fittings DO NOT heal injuries